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you need wings to fly

February 2008

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fye ~ smile

So... Christmas is over. It was like every single year before but I enjoyed it a lot. 

Presents? Not so much. A book, some small dolls and a new watch. And hair dye. Which is the reason why my hair is red now. And it's a pretty red. <3 I love it.

On other news?

A few nights ago, I had another one of my small 'panic attacks'. I don't know if I should call them panic attack since I just get nervous and scared and shiver a lot while thinking about some bad things. *shrugs* Anyway, I had one of those. 
And those things are the reason why I stay awake as long as I can so that I fall asleep immediately without any chance of thinking about things. Call it running away, call it whatever you'd like to. But it's easier for now.

Saa~ ...So many things to think about and to plan.
I'm going to move the stuff in my room again which will hopefully grant me new space. Then I need to talk to CJ and Roxy about some stuff since my cousin has all been like 'whut? Beginning of July? Hell naw dude! Middle I say!' So it's possible that I'll fly alone. ...First time flying. XD; I really hope that it'll turn out okay... I'm such a worry-ward when it comes to that kinda stuff. But I really want to fly to Florida in the beginning of July so I can spend a lot more time with them.
I've been so worried about meeting them lately like, what if we don't get along and what if I'm too nosy and what if I do something wrong? All that stuff. I'm an extremly shy person when it comes to meeting new people in person but after a few days, that normally settles down. I hope it'll work this time too.

I've finally had the time to finally RP a bit again. Not much, just to shake my muses awake and let them act retarded. *snickers*

And just for the heck of it...

It's ask the Muses time!

Here are my Muses, for those who don't know them~

Luke fon Fabre, Asch the Bloody (Tales of the Abyss)
Hisoka Kurosaki (Yami no Matsuei)
Yukito Tsukishiro (Card Captor Sakura)
Marluxia (Kingdom Hearts)

[Original Characters]

Feel free to ask them anything, I'll reply with their journals. <3 Yes, my own characters have a journal too. XD


Ohh I can't wait till the summer I would love to meet you so so so much :< Not fair!!

And I'm glad you've had time to RP, I havne't as much lately I'm so sorry ._. Miss you like hell though.

hjcvvg Keeeely~~~ *tackles*

I know. T_T I'd like to really meet you tooo~~ *hugs* Next time I have enough money, you're on top of my list. <3

<3 I know that you've been very busy with life and it's alright so take all the time you need, relax and just try to live.
I miss you too though. T_T Is there any day on which I might catch you online?

Re: hjcvvg Keeeely~~~ *tackles*

♥ ♥ ♥

Ohhh hun it's okay, really!! Maybbe when you get to Florida I can come see you for a few days if CJ lets me come so I can see you ;o; I'l stay in a nearby hotel xD

Sunday morning my time or sunday night my time? I'll wake up extra early to catch you :D
<33333333333333333 That would be super awesome! I'll ask CJ and Roxy if I catch them online again! Wai~~~ *squeezes*

Sunday morning, if that's alright with you? <33333 I'm not busy on that day at all so I might be online the whole day~ <3
I'll love you no matter what. *had the same exact panic attack and talked to CJ about it*;;;;

Ooooo..... I have natural red hair. We can be sisters! Or not... Sistermother? I think not..... =o=

And stupid Tron... I have rp withdrawl......
Waha... ;;; *hugs* I'm glad that we agree on our panic attacks.

lol. XD Sistermother. Sounds like some kind of milkshake.

*huuuugs* Nuh. That sucks!